Today, the Crowfoot Transport Group can look back to the beginning of the 20th century to its founding in 1912.
Crowfoots are proud to have been serving its customers for over 100 years.

Crowfoots Carriers Journey

Humble Beginnings;

Crowfoots Carriers journey began at the start of the last century by John Crowfoot, a budding entrepreneur who made a living involved with the coal industry. Following the national coal strike of 1912 however, John chose to diversify his small business by delivering local items and goods between the various boot and shoe factories in and around the Earl Shilton to Leicester area, a journey of some 10 miles.

From the start he faced severe competition with at least five rival carriers competing in the same market.

After the Armistice in 1918, John took the decision to invest his modest earnings and replace his horse and cart with a motor van. This gave the fledgling business an edge over the other local carriers allowing quicker and more frequent deliveries to customers.

In 1947 Dennis Crowfoot (Snr) who succeeded his father in running the business became seriously ill potentially ending the company’s story. Nevertheless his son, also called Dennis, chose to resign his commission in the RAF to join the business and help his father. In doing so Dennis Crowfoot (Snr) was able to recover and continued to work alongside his son for many more years.

By the early 80’s the shoe trade no longer accounted for the majority of work carried following the closure of local shoe manufacturing (Barwell for many years manufactured more boots and shoes than anywhere in Europe).

The business moved from its original base at Earl Shilton to Barwell and Dennis Crowfoot sought growth through acquisition of other local carriers unable to cope with the changes in the parcels market. These included neighbouring Briers Carriers, Shepshed and Derby Express Deliveries. Later came M & S Transport, Stalybridge, with 20 vehicles. With these acquisitions Crowfoots were able to expand the area of coverage for customers.

Dennis Crowfoot (Jnr) died in June 2000, but Crowfoots Carriers remains a family business today with the fourth generation, Michael, now running the business.

Following experience in financial and pharmacetical areas, Michael's sons Geoffrey and David also subsequently returned to the Company, sharing IT, sales, operational and DGSA duties.

Whilst other carriers have ceased operations, withered on the vine or have been consumed by enterprises which in turn have suffered difficulties, the Crowfoot family are proud to know they have been successfully serving their customers for over 100 years, proving that a family-run business with a sound understanding of skills and commitment can still succeed and prosper on the same street as the conglomerate.

1955 Crowfoots operated from its depot in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire

Dennis William Crowfoot (Jnr) pictured by his Harvard aircraft during a tour in Canada, late 1940's

By the 1970's the fleet had expanded to over 20 vehicles

By early 90's operating from three purpose built depots and with a fleet of over 70 vehicles

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