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Crowfoots Transport logistics hazardous goods next day delivery pallets carrier haulage.

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ALL GOODS are carried under the Company’s Conditions of Carriage, copies of which can be obtained upon application.


THESE RATES are based on you weighing your own goods and entering the correct GROSS weight in kilos.


TERMS OF TRADING are net, 30 days from date of invoice.  Extended to 45 days through direct debit.


CARRIAGE FORWARD not accepted unless by prior arrangement and are carried out at owners risk


DANGEROUS GOODS – Previous arrangements must be made before dispatch. See ADR guidance page for further detail.  Hazardous labelled goods will incur additional charges.


VOLUMETRIC – Goods whose volume is out of proportion to weight will be charged on a bulk capacity weight basis of 5 cu.metre/tonne (176 cu.ft/ton). See volumetric page for detail.


LONG LENGTHS – packages exceeding 3 metres (10 feet) will be subject to a supplement.


INSURANCE - RHA conditions apply.  Enhanced goods in transit insurance may be available at £10 per kilo for all zone 1 (zone A) area.  There is a £50 excess on all claims.


UN-INSURED –Glass, liquids (e.g. paint), fragile goods, furniture, ceramics, stone, third party collections and unpacked or insufficiently packed goods are accepted at owner’s risk only.


MINIMUM PACK CHARGE 5 KILOS – Packages will be considered to have a minimum weight of 5 kilos for charging purposes.


DELIVERY/COLLECTION CHARGES – When delivery/collection of goods cannot be effected by default of sender or consignee, additional charges will be raised.  Also for carriage back to depot and for each additional tendering.


BOOKED DELIVERIES – Where it is necessary to book an appointment to deliver goods a charge will be made.  If this booking is not honoured by the consignee then the delivery will be treated as a refusal and charged as such.  Any further bookings will also be charged.


WAITING TIME – This may be charged for excessive waiting time at collection/delivery.


3RD PARTY COLLECTION – An additional fee to the normal delivery rate will be applied.  Abortive calls still incurs all charges.


CLEAR SIGNATURE will be taken as proof of a satisfactory delivery.


RE-TENDERING charges apply.


HEAVY WEIGHT ITEMS – Zone 1 99 kilo items or over charged at pallet rate.  Zone 2+ items over 25kg charged at relevant pallet rate.


PALLET DIMENSIONS—Maximum dimensions per pallet space are 1.2m Long x 1.0m wide x 2.0m tall.  Additional charges will apply if over these dimensions.


QUARTER PALLETS— charged at special quarter pallet rate provided pallet is under 250kg, stackable and endorsed on paperwork to be under 100cm tall.


TIMESAVER COMPUTER DESPATCH SYSTEMS – supplied on hire.  Ownership remains with Crowfoots Carriers Ltd.




Crowfoots Transport logistics hazardous goods next day delivery pallets carrier haulage.

Download RHA conditions of carriage here

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